Saturday 13 April 2024

Flow, no ebb


Now, all that matters, to me, is indeed a gentlest flow...From one atch, to the next; or dawn  stopping spot, no people...  

This one, on a good dawn, few...

Because i got into my gentle stride, now.... No one here for me exists, only reflections on some past times, i enjoy....

Amd maybe one day make enjoyable for otherstoo

The flow... a few km this way and that, riverbathspot, quiet dawn coffeeplace ... charging spot...

and afternoon walk... 50 jm a week.

( its really just performative dog walking, hipster loping... be seen walking, their front)

Best early spot. 9am the charging we go to free i have a few

Anyway, what matters? 

to Be cont
but not her

I understand
How can anyone be " human" when horrid men in certain places
especially teatime become 200kph boy racers

( doesnt happen truly rural spots, children come first ... actual ones, not these terrorist masty showiff clots...  hairing around show off  brum brum idiots 
men grow up ..)

far more really important

don't assume!

It was in fact  7 Mermen

From twenty ten

thats seven, out of seven
So much of my time and life
' allies' too?

Nope... having established post about 2016 no man ever can stand back and think
( of what he said last week) 
or outside of the rabbit holes burrowed into swamps of nothing 
via his silly  internet 
into which he did sink

no hope
hence focus more on the other gender
maybe they may mean  their stated agenda

hahh hahh so, to
the better rit 
reflections  ...on it
twenty years
since meemaid #1

the end of the beginning

and my passport expires in just four months.
Oh woe is,
 better get my skates on.
I am not dying here
 have no fear.

no ebb,never

not once

only flow. 

But some places easier...maybe even more lifeforce evident

...... not here, though

 off we go