Thursday 4 April 2024


 ... if you actually care about the words " uk should be in That Hague...before us Serbs..."

( and are a grown up, and know how to compartmentalise, fact - such as the above i have managed 40 years to live with! , from also managing to live on well, in full knowkedge no Gweek parasites  or any Brit will ever change anything, so its just telling true stories... one must then forget . ... or at least live in duality....the usual susoects McGilchrist turn into something they cannit know when it may just in realblife be living with bad truth in your head...but  stoqing it on a shelf so one can also live with,  blissy real joy,  too... but you dont ever DENY that shelf...or you get sick... ) 

you MAKE yourself have a perfect memory

i never consult my back catalogue

silly me i had no idea then that  butterflight Lottetritis and Stepford-on-Helford river Rattism was extant...

....under the military flightpaths of the murderous deathcamp supplier ... just up the road... they doze off to sleep to....... 

and entirely all here only everywhere

The SW...

... so... errata... i knew that date was wrong

I will never forget 6th June

( as it happens my fathers birth and death day rolled into one, evem if i rarely think of him ..sometimes you really fo have to schism to save yourself..i did most successfully...age 12 really)

not  " 12thish.."

the 6th June a tuesday... can never forget that day....  2 days running from Hay after delivering  Sundayaft at last... the last letter to the ultra pseud Queen wildfest ..  15 years late

" love... you have lied and cheated 15 years...i have had enough....  you even sent a crowdfunding link for your fraud late  2020 ' charity' crowdfund  . .in response to my " human" email, request 2020 'do you know our mutual acquaintance  Michelle's email as i have free communal land her and her kids could use .. now she has time off....and her CRB check would make it nice for me...' . ok i loved her too 10 years  unrequited from moment i first saw her but me too grief fucked to... but thats irrelevent... one friend to another me to you about a times of ' crisis'...'. ... no word back just your fraud con WILL pay my expenses now... i paid out for only your stuff.... 3 x you front of your 10 year old "

.... maildrop and run!

as she lives next to copshop and we know what their most likely response is....

( true art= it worked... i was shocked....  it only took a few weeks for the first tenner to arrive... despite 10 confirmatory emails of the numbers ....needed.. pure real gorgeous opera in that one letter...photod of course for evidence... and a scene:  her calling me ...i filmed it ringing.... as i drove away forever.... she would never call.... but this time did...i sat and let it ring... just filmed it hahh hahh a pure performance artwork .... the ultra yoga merm mother theresa queen.... now she calls! as she has had a truth missive through her letter box! will be here soon.. that film)

so...  4th june sunday


monday...i just had to once.. as i was passing ( even if 2 decades had vowed ' never' meeti g so many of its REAL  victims' .)

 even i was shocked at  how ultra nuclear evil begging bowl  witches and wizzards ... Glastonbury is...

( but i needed to see, if nothing else to advise a humble Zerbian vudu saleswoman " luv.. the.. way the new generation PR and   alchemise,  posh postering  ....  so hard sell their fakery....  you have NO hope...give it up... the 30 something vudu saleswitches are  now a million times more digitally arms racing than you ever could be....anyway youre not much good at that... youre a genius at THEMIX ..bodymind indivisable.....and truth of uk  as you say its an evil genocidere.....i would like my daughter to hear a rare truth talking " bird" share with hertoo......stick to what your good at....  not the con all the rest con with"

so... what a week....  that followed

and overpriced chips day is a  wednesday...

so t'was the 14th.. june

 what a week.

Pure poetry.

i dont need to try and remember exact moments....

most interesting week of my life for decades.... etched in stone.

no matter what