Thursday 4 April 2024

Even Serbia


So many times the last 8 years even, speaking among the most ' educated' during my  BREXIT landloping times... meandering among the fey artists all who eulogised they adored their EU..lost...  pretending they cared, enough to have a cuppa and fiscuss alliance im possible signmaking....  if a rematch ( none ever signs my 4 constituencies except valiant  farmer Helen..*


( but i have many of my own of literally Helen de Troy....   country fayres

 her sellin her wares....

 her smile she knew we knew for me.... her best most sincere fan fotojournalisng.. 

I remember and I smile ( and could 'see' you in the dark)...

remarkably perfect art for an otherwise pathetic moaning originator of THE  self pitying problem)


The almost ... ( errata, no ACTUAL..)...Trumpian levels of ignorance, in this fetid swamp,  ...

 lets call them the top 5% educationally ( my natural communicants but i now give up forever) dont even know what is the ECHR...

its so funny how often they - some friends for years, and njcely i have guided them to the factwords, but they have been unable to say " so EU membership has these rights/ responsibilities;  ECHR membership -   entirely seperate, even Russia a member of,  has these rights / responsibilities" 

And yes  even Russia was a full member until last year after being naughty ( signing the convention in 1996) .... and no one voluntarily leaves the ECHR... 

to quote

Just two countries have left the ECHR. Most recently, Russia was expelled for its aggression against Ukraine. Greece left the ECHR in 1967 while under a military regime accused of mental and physical torture. Greece re-joined in 1974 once democracy was restored.

 I.E. its not the EU ... its the  Central + South East Central +  Western European,   version of the World court... 

even Russia...only a few years out of commie excesses of tyranny.... agreed was a great project

And the little toe rag PM  Sunak.......  now says he wants to do a Trump and   leave, 

even Serbia wouldnt dream of doing that bunk.... as they know it,  to some extent WORKS...and there is nothing else

Thats what this country became

Anyone who didnt try to get their kid away from this sick atomised swamp.... is insane....

The Council of Europe was set up on 5 May 1949 by 10 countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom), joined by Greece and Republic of Türkiye in August 1949. It now has 46 member states : Iceland and Germany (1950), Austria (1956), Cyprus (1961), Switzerland (1963), Malta (1965), Portugal (1976), Spain (1977), Liechtenstein (1978), San Marino (1988), Finland (1989), Hungary (1990), Poland (1991), Bulgaria (1992), Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania (1993), Andorra (1994), Latvia, Albania, Moldova, Ukraine, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"(1995), Croatia (1996), Georgia (1999), Armenia and Azerbaijan (2001), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2002), Serbia (2003), Monaco (2004), Montenegro (2007).

The Council of Europe is not the European Union. The two organisations are quite distinct, but the 27 European Union states are all members of the Council of Europe.