Tuesday 30 April 2024

just BE ing....in nature ( my office for years)

 better ones naked in hills midsummer in the bracken, soon....

last week in the highlands... and 

the sublime Estonian 

 preparing to go see

and now i know, they all are....

last week of last  may

just random

will take months with a socket yo find my best

SIMPLE life just BE ing in naychahhh.....aside.....many films from 2010

that one day 
deliberate stop for supper at best place for them

interesting thing, photos hive best bluebells date

( my old swan lake  way up in the hills, by Kennel Wood - in the distance, scene july 2020 of wors brockocide ever..... film of that one day.... nice stuff first... 

 no one else ever at this lake  over 7 years...april 2023)

10th may 2021
no.one ever went to tjis wood Sutterditch

so... are they  2 weeks ahead here?

i dont need a date on this one...a week after arrival...Gweek.....  the things we do for ****

after a day like today a bit'o bob is defo required