Tuesday 30 April 2024

Thank You

 So, versions.....

Speaking with the olden cronates

of the " we are in the astrological club..."

I told em... err story.... 

" i resonated to her variabrating cos....she said some of you are charaltans..... indeed in my estimations....quite a few..... and as sure as ferrits are more "human" than wonky shaywomen of course she the only one ever in my life allowed....used my horrorscope against me....

Thats what you get for ....  thinking my word straight out of Homer...Graylin' izzelf didnt even know it...all mine you preshiousses.... pseudeia...i even if syncredent was a bit...premature...but its better in their fey god's Jungs rather one dimensional synchronicity...will protect me from sirenitis.... the way of man twas ever thus.... "

(old crone number one smiled and said she LOVED "kairos"...i bear no astronutjob grudges...)


Now, some days indeed not for too many days....

The boostaroo comes out to say you silly women controlling the universe with your iphones....controllin nuthin....not even a decent loud bit of musac in your headphones.... 

cos Jobs so precious he couldnt even give it volume setting five never mind the eleven you get with a  now impossible to get museum piece boostaroo...

Even if some nonce has redacted the greatest version of all aver...at Cornell

i must put it up maybe i will get my desrved million clicks

So, in fact a chronicle one day...

The best of all thank yous...
you simply could not make it up

And one day i must stay in the zone about a week and create an Ancient Marriner, gets is first invite onto actual dry land of Gwerkian nymphs.... selling fairies and healing cures...
Early December, last 
To ponder now i have the space
(only taking it up never know if someone else down the road may have popped her nose in)

"come and meet some nice interesting people.."

And what do you find.
A den of charlatans all selling healing to each other
Indeed pseudeia is not even adequate to describe the complete and utter coven of snakesellers at 
(except the wide shouldered tough swimmer lass of  the very South place... she remebered my name from our windy rainy meet some months before..)

But i havent even started ...yet.
The rest, had Ed Reardon decided to pickle his own radio play daughter for her own good in a  vinagrette of petards
And describe the end times, all sybaricious and salivatious at ....
( man dared enter their domain of sales and putrid potions.....all at very upper middle class prices despite Ms Pilcher colonised that rotten top shelf decades ago wit the worst book in all of history, and Mister Trumps next...)    

Anyway if you want to be upper middle class you gotta pay the price
and my memory is better than Homer if he had discovered viagra that actually works hidden in the special   lotus leaves  raised on a diet of refined Gwerkian shitcreek sewerage.... stuffed into Cyclops' undies to keep im  stood up and immune to sirens...
And ...just that one day... Goosebarn day.... 
I am most grateful i was on chronicling duty...
Being material for ten absurdist plays in Suzi's new "lets find the new Josephine Osborne" arts centre,  as she was prob only a  pisshead all along and ... i saw on whatsap at 03,35.... so wont ever get to drawing board state except for something to talk abut in ALL their dull Pilcheresque ...  ex colinials heads...

Which means nothing.
merely represents a rather splendid...
I the real last year (this...) 

I cannot say yet
I have to break free...

But what a silver lining Black Swan decision...
I really knew it was a terrible decision swanning over this way....
It proved at that level to be by far the best...
despite the klansmen at the gate.

All irrelevent now except for future fables if i can ever get a writing perch.
Because....  too little time just BEing ...aside close to the chirpy birds and ....
reminds me the seagull poem to finish in fact watching them
standing staring
Nesting on the roofof the old dry dock
They took on a  far more real animal thing...
One day
Soon day

Not BE ing in nature for any reason

Mister Bonham can make a brainsmashing  artful noise through my boostaroo.. that is REAL "human"
But to have been
in a place
 on a polluted plastic swamp of washing machine efflueated dryrobes
(sold by vitue signalling hipster conmen, selling recycled plastic by the fat ton load is not being nice to any planet)
Yes the (i dont think i put it up yet 8 weeks ago the big tough surfer babe .... " we're all gettin ILL... from just stickin our plastic boards innit... " 
But it is their noise
I have never in my life of so many places
REAL troubadours met in sweltering gaolhouse playgrounds the quietest noisemaking 
man i have ever met 
a real man
Ive simply never heard so many people
saying a lot

so much noise
so many silly little menchildboats sanded
so many flash turbocharged silly cars making so much noise on roads rarely one can go at more than twenty on
 so many so busy in doing absolutely nothing#
And its about time the environemntalists did something about the dogs
9million pre the 2020 hysteria...13 now i believe
And theyre all virtue signalling to each other
they emit
And most have as much plastic in showoff harnesses as an African living in  ten  plastic bags cos his crop failed 

Right, sadly i cannot use my laptop to jot what i want ...yet.... as a last ever day of business unless
someone actually does wish to synergise..  for real

My photo store external hard drives, treble backed up...no psychodrama in my life, ever...... are out