Monday 29 April 2024

" one dimensional"

 ... perhaps the best phrase.

Though lacking in one respect, in that 95% ... except her!, wow, of Bruce's house....( " ehh you are  almost the only person i've seen just dressed in ordinary clothes here in catalogue-land"),   they  present themselves out of a one dimensional  catalogue.

Of what is ' safely' just a bit rugged. Or this eponymous tasteless,  Salt Rock....

Bags we shall come back to.

But then, having tried, to listen, to the recent airing...

Now, i really do get it... how the very worst of unimaginative non-'artists' set up their theme park  concentration camp here, decades ago....  so they could pretend that daddy's money didnt come from  looting India, or wherever else the Empire had been on the great smash and grab, several centuries.
Avoiding " britain should be in that Hague before us "

Alicecounty, really.

And expensive looking glasses... to keep an eye on the peasants, who may have an eye on their loot...

( note to self, i have never, yesteraft, seen a public guide-map promulgated car park/  atchin tan, very much  out in the ' wilds'  stating " no loitering"

 i was laughing most of the last 5 km.... and then met someone who does ' get' it....all, i hope.... for her sake, she won't be happy here.... )