Monday 29 April 2024

The 'THE' .. ' environment'

 But, it is in a to-edit audio. From Saturmorn.

And then yesterlunchtime: I have never had such a perfect encounter, getting into the cracks, between her large woodpile ....  

The whole ' act' but i know she believes her ' environmental' stewarardship and reusing, is absolutelly the best there is! I am not a psychopath or narcissist. I know she - the fairly viscious  eco-recycling queen of   the region, believes every word and act of hers is perfect; as her whole  decades long identity is based on  that identity: ' against' all the rest... 

But ... ohhh woe is me.... but..... they simply have no idea, how, yes.... every length of decent, reusable wood must be, and CAN be  properly protected from elements and ..  

..... of course even the 50+ year olds probably will blame ' my autism' or ' my neurodifference' ....  when there is only one ferkin way of organising  mother earth's natural resources to be reusable ... way after these poor lost children playing at being adult, are rotting, her  wood too... i saw