Wednesday 3 April 2024

over and out no new communicants, none of the past ones ever follow through


All that matters,

the hankies

refolded and ironed, no iron

if one has poise grace and time... and uses nature


 But theres a whole photographic real opera in how i got this old bike..overwintered in the bushes now.... gone

not a yellow brickie, but indeed to the worst pollution imaginable

" STOP blaming politicians or water companies [laughing at you.]... the fat smug fat ' trustees' that join these websites, to look good... why havent they been out chaining their blubbery lardarses to the gates of the sewerage plant....just up from ' their' trusted site... for months been a fetid scum covered toxic swamp.... they are so lazy and acedia infected ...  not only cant they be bothered to actually DO anything, or  clean their main sign

but  this long  piece of barbed wire  will still be here 1 m aside the main walk...  where children play...

a good spade 1/2  hr work, they dont even notice its there.. ( i met and walked with their main townie old bag smug, prrsonal comments...silly hocus pocus talk.... ' remedies ' in the hedgerows..... but no work as dmshes well paid to do)

it will still be here 

if i return here in 10 years....

 fat  neurotic townies by default cannot DO the ' countryside' or anything..... like real simple maintenance work in it....but blame everyone else but thier own fat arses

not losing out to them ever



i have millions of poignant much better snaps
one day

all have 3 poems attached to them, so it may take 
a while




the bugger always randomly orders vidclips

one day it will all flow seamlessly like a perfect REAL dance..

to an endless sublime  simple tune
that works

unlike her failed nonsense workshops that do nothing but smoothe pathetic little rich girls' egos...