Wednesday 3 April 2024

So, being i never moan about, but do operate ..

 in tune ......with the weather

In fact thisteryear,  for the first time ever i have it absolutely 100% mentally  at total centredness and peace...harmony

i used to care about no sun, in fact feel conceitedly cheated and suicidal.... at no freetan

oh yes audio made this morn i near forgot.

xxx tomorrow

so yrs the weather zen of it: 

Look out of the window, not hard as i am in the window from first light: sunshine, albeit rare of late, be out in the sun  for ever moment of it  as she saw me today, i had looked long for a petfectly sheltered but sun facing spot* that one; mizzle or more, divert to battery  charging  in a church, now i even the nice man's** cafe...and just maybe i shall get back on top of my digital system.

And then to next phase. 

Without any doubt i am going to next phase. As i like even this phase

* i find it extraordinry here .

.and awful.... sat even with a notepad out.... not ' conforming' to an exact regimented  loook: mobile phone out,  usually staring in it, fashion clothes,  spivvy vehicle, blerping at the owner,  revolting tattoos and shaved head...often blingy goldchain... ... compulsory ( cancer causing) sunglasses ...

the STARES you get...gawps...75% of the fat chavs or 'masters of the universe ' coolmen ( must be the steroids, makes their dick shrink as well as brain) ..sat as i was today busy writing with fountain pen several notepads out tucked away in a far corner...they stare... one.. standard homespun tpinking person with a book and notepad out....  none if ybeir soastic self harming sunglasses.... none of their revilting deodorant smell you can smell at a distance relative, exponentially, to their class..

i am to them analien to be gawped at as if a terrorist....   ( great poem brewing on tjis but the under 35s one and all 

..all hunched folornly over their phones.... the 50 - 35s all DEFINE themselves by their phones...

... i wouldnt get mine out if talking to someone even if she called...

never mind even she.

.now i see... all are utterly defined only by their phone....and all look so so unhappy ...

now i know.... it got hertoo

i knew but now have the arty photos

and poems in my head....

how total " inhumanity" ...won...and she like a lost sherp, herding men via hers, is just following this  tragic herd...over the clifftoo

not for me...i want to live, look up, always....see # supersexysilvers... and dream of them all night....

and imagine herds of them gathering.... to go and rescue her, for me...from fatal  Gwerkian mermitis... ( a WHOLE festival of them descending in a few months...  lets hope Putin is in a not so nice mood that day.... coordinates: xxx ... emvorinmentalism, saved...

** singular.... plus i beat them lovely Romas, met in the same place with their so smiley hexy vudo on my travelogue... now fixed

 which isnt, its just collected decade long ponderations ( but she, hissy her.... alone, set me free to go all the way... so i have other wirds her hexy hissing vudu  alchemising, is as useless as her understanding of the 'art of relating' ...)

 Mrs Sainsbury wellies related more artfully in one real look ( she must be, like me, a bloody foreigner such paradise!: she touched me as we spoke....she, not me i woulfnt dare even make a legpulling sardonique quip at  most English...even if i do often, just to keep in practice....( Mrs Buzz superb exception)...oh how i miss Spanish communication: the art of... grabbing your arm...person on person...real fucking people,  not these ice maidens.... and looking deep into your eyes ...them i mean....and grabbing hold of a bit of you.. hold it tightly their vicelike passioned grip ...fiercely twisting the fabric of your sleeve their eyes burn into the back of your head as if life itself depended on a REAL "connection".. with "HUMANITY."... just to discuss having a possible cuppa... or remark on the weather