Friday 5 April 2024


 not quite in fact a fullsome enough word


interestingly so many things one sees 20 years on in hindsight ' cripes that really was true...i didnt really have faith in that stated opinion then, to BODILY feel its simple truth.... but i am... that fact...inside every atom of me...' ... not all of course, or maybe my hologram has too much  of the humility


turned up.... 

we cannot know

...   although as really i am only about mirrors....

. who really were they behind the cracked one their real face hides behind...

prior to 18 months ago... 

all started 20 june 2004

maybe   it is the best word

... and 'methodical' means, phone, devices.. all... formatting time

but first every message,  every bit of digital droppings...saved

as i love every bit of my diaries....

and furthermore never mind mindfucking someone ...only she said she couldtoo

i also like to fully remmber certain good periods   ...of two innocent souls trying to communicate.... even if she uses as all the morons overuse the non word " connect"......get to the root of " human" 

the best version.... my digital diaries, even webpages looked up for her... all from november 2022... all still there....  and take me back exactly into one truly happy few months.

Mentally .... the picture sharp  as if and nothing to do with sexy-desire..  in one word ..evolution

the good sort

And will be well protected ...   as it was the best 'place'.... mental state or mode [ still perfectly accessable in my time travel enabled mind especially with  external prompts] ,  i ever  got to...." a far far better place i got to  than ive ever known to Miss Quote

his one goodie

It is a far, far better thing that I do, 

than I have ever done

right...need to better these ametuers with a few simpler aphorisms  .of my own....

i have one or two here and there

one day