Friday 19 April 2024

Simple, cont, Just BE ing ( in "human", meaning no one else can be only still, and nothing)

Follows on from

and inspired by.


indeed two days just BEing

long but unique waffle into poor old substack:

Just BEing. and best damaged kid ( earpissing) technique ever. not very good but my most important waffle.

However, even if i knew long ago

One learns, can learn, NOTHING from the made up dilettante damp squid of a psychodrama by

poor man, i saw them.... Francine, all of Hay the older women desperate to be seen...with the pretty young man,  make him their pet...

pets create....nothing, as i found

on the other hand, listen to above, a "human" ist... wants NO ONE to die of being fat..

oh woe is us.... even this one real genius, too?!?

 because it is...

and dont believe ANY English especially their Guardian....
it is simply gorgeous from scene one...
and vumoo. dot to may well have been killed off 

but dot id...  is way way way much better, no hangs no pop ups.... superfast clear..

quite the best real ' pirate' yet.... unlike this county of pseuds and children going out
... pretend, if they cannot... DO