Friday 19 April 2024

" 'simple' stories"


incomplete, this matters to ME so it will be enhanced

I have stayed in ' best' hotels in the world with indtant dry cleaning slavery via room service. This is better, but it's not really what ' simple' is.

( though i could only truly love,  and always enjoy, a woman who does like doing her handwashing.... .if that wasnt a lietoo... a mode i rediscovered 15 years ago as so pefectly mindful, always....and thus most of mine for 15 years by hand...even when i had a machine   ..)

I have eaten ( for years) in the 'best' restaurants, all over the world.... but this is what i would chose for my last meal before the firing squad ...  but preferred simple fayre isn't the way to get to ' simple'.



This is the start.... i was blindfolded, trying too hard...

thats what happens when... ohhh well.....

wrong way round

starts from the last  photo

add in

  TO perform yoga....

TO be guru

they can go and jump off the cliff, never did man nor dog any good 

certainly, to be continued

because having cast all away that isnt pure simple, now i feel  only good energy and even more important enjoy trying to find the words..... or ' let them come'

more in pads, later