Tuesday 9 April 2024

so i...told

 ...'im,mine.... man...

" go to the town.... where one woman spat

she spat it..

thee truth

the most beautiful moment ever, i can never forget

all the rest  go pay hommage to Jimmi's place.... 

you can even have a cuppa in the Caasles in The Sand

cafe.. ..

But they know nothing, only spectacle....

the whole of  Morocco never mind Essouaria...likely Merm infested nowadays....

exactly their kind of whoop whoop efnix destination

the M word makes me only, remenisc

stood that night at the ultra merm event, 

1000  Touareg 

 being Touareg...

for exactly whom? 

As we were the only whitey tourists  around

Perhaps an undercover scout

 from  Time Out preparing the piece for the wires: 

[ 05, no crossed wires,  me and the judge's son by email, he knew exactly what i.meant, for his dad, 'my' judge]

" you have never seen such a perfect gatheration

of the greatest most beautiful music men of the Touareg nation"

Meanwhile incorruptable,

 the opposite of venal

Cecile,  The Gaul


 " spek....kkkkk takkkhhhhh ..luhhh" 

Now, all thay matters, is noticing... 

some weeks ago, the exact orientation of this one specific  dune

Should it ever return.. that sun.

You have to know  which face one needs, so as to shelter from


still howlin' winds...

i won.

Righty ho ...now having got into the digi nomad rhythm...

and, depressingly, up at dawn fighting with the spazzes of tech...

(she loved it, the famous " bird" ... with a big beak hat: 

"the rhetoric has failed...thats all thats happened in imaginary ' culture wars'..... use their spears against them..

  tell em, your god, Hannah Arendt...she said, when there are things we cannot speak of...we already have tyranny...and she,Hannah, actually Nazi prisoncamp starvation, cred.... she's .....one up   on Mary mother of whoever, claims Christ this year....even in Foulmouth really thick people 'uni, and thats just the profs.... some have heard of her... as their notional goddess....."