Wednesday 3 April 2024

Well the fairies are on side, today..

 Even if one must be affronted

with their noise

It really is Teletubbiness all over

All the menchilds top of their voices... yelling

But lastereve, an emergency rare charge here, at 6 pm, quietl, and smilingly:

" ... mister... just saying we are closing in half an hour but dont worry... no problem you just sit there long as you need... no problem.."

5min later, quietly: 

" sir..... you have no idea... how unique you many shop-peeps rude, sour... brusque.... even the other day one told me and an acquaintance we couldnt stand and chat out the FRONT of her scummy Hell-stoned charity shop as she needed the space to leave a dogbowl.... As she was locking up and locking 

away the dogbowl.. it was pure spite as we were smiling.... i have no idea whats happened to people.

.. but sir. your smiley niceness... has made my day..." 

" sir well...i do get all sorts but it doesnt cost me anything to try... and just be SINCERELY nice....and its worth it occasionsally if  someone takes the time to come up and say thanks... ... thank you too..."

i didnt think it would be as simple

to at last fix it!

shame i cannot fix

 the one

 that one

the last one



was for....

Ohh well now i can catch up! lots of bits to add in

And so so so many typos

I act as if i am going to die  in the next second, so just speed riff any thought...

rarely even take the time to get my readingvglasses out, so typo rate is more sinful than the  most sinful Chret...

but unlike Chret deathcultists,  ..


..(. i have my own private language i slowly so you will have to go back a year and read from there  for anything i write to make fullest sense..)

....unlike them..... this can be fixed i will, soon...

but the momentum... speed.... endless have here - in the frenetic primal quiet whisper.. but fadt...... a whole to survive, me that is, what Gwerk did even her... their acedia... is TOTAL

only i escpaped intact

its evil... but i win

this... writing to 9keep alive

 is why

...even if i am sure i shall live to 100 just to piss myself off