Thursday 2 May 2024

A case, of Borderline Personality Disorder, for sure

 whoever created these this sad dump of a county

..... amusing afternoon yesteraft quizzing a few " have you any idea what on earth they mean?" 

oh well, only one way of finding out,  see if theres a ticket in the morn....

But, fact, i have a great memory. It started, i watched it.... arise...around 2009... and i licensed it... shame on me:

the online forums, Mothers For Justice, i knew Heidi the founder,  and she happily and gratefully - to me, great woman,  used MY lores to enable the folk to write openly about the baddies ( their very active Fakebook a main spot for that)

except, within a few months EVERYONE is diagnosing their ex as a " narcissist".. 

Fast forward to the last few years: fact, tragic idiotic reality.... 90% of women i ever speak with in any simple ordinary conversation... throw in that silly word into conversation fairly early on; its up to about 70% of mentoo...nowadays

reason for hoping one morning i just dont wake up... this folky folk thing of everyone using tjis silly word ( " if 80% are by their reckoning  dealing with a 'narcissist'.. surely that cancells itself out..." ... i would say the same thing late 00s when every littigant ever i encountered,  wrote to their judge telling tales of the other party having extreme " control" issues...... none can listen " if EVERYone says this surely its irrelevent" ..)

there is no point speaking with anyone in this lost land of the diagnosers....

reason to never bother again, and run away... i wonder if Croatia has an equivalent  fake sub language?