Friday 3 May 2024


 ..... not a word i use that often.

As i


Well....the smile on her face, as she warmed....

Us..three..having found a common ground, upon which to indeed discuss the profound, being you cannot get more foundational than what oceans her newborn will dip its toes into in just a few months

But that's not profound.
Even a day when i am linked in to two new  " humans" not even popped out yet.

Is pretty profound
And the Mong calling me! 
Before her own mum and dad to tell me it..

is about the third most " human" phine call of my whole life.

But to hear, how he... my  closest childhood, youngmanhood in fact until about 35year oldhood friend
I didn't just look up to, with his most etjical imaginable,
 ' woke'+ before  that became poison, the golden boy .. of London architecture
So golden he even put his wonderful Pakistanman  partner's name before his in the 'Partnership'...

Rightly, for years, as he climbed up the ultrapiety ladder...( no skyscrapers please) i felt small.. lesser...

 a bit reckless and irresponsible.. no core values, lost...

Until i got into the club age 30... and all simply " changed" 

To hear ...from the mouth of his soon to be dad his he,  the man who is " security question #3 name of childhood best mate" 
 from the humblest arts craft and welsh poetry readings,  background imaginable

 basically, sold out, to fat corporate, skyscrapersville


im not sure

because it is the one thing in life i knew was an impossibility

my, my...The English

Now i really am