Tuesday 7 May 2024

Bee haviour...

 And footnote 1.

Though this is where it gets dull. And the definition of Bee ing alive as a modern " human" is dull.

Several weeks outstanding footnote to the post on identitarianism ( my notes are my life, though no life;  life is  always one must have 30km minimum a week walking, automatically, ideally 40 or 50)

oh yes good line on Buddhism at the end of the 15 minutes video rantywaffle ..

" he got fat, too"  precisely.

Me,  i left London  for good as 30 years ago this Eastern leaning New Age thing started ( you could see it in S Ken type markets - the fanatical fundamentalist " we are better than you as are our specialingroupclique,  jostix" ) 

And all i have heard is " Buddhist ideals are ideal... " ir is it " practices" ?

Practising doing nothing.

But just putting aside the doing nothing, as..( smile please) " Missus Zen will fix  it all.."... and you can figure out the best new emotionally vandalising coercion into the great New Workshopist paradigm ( menopause of course the ultimate new kid on the block, despite them being around forever, put ' menopause' into Fakebook  and my oh  my the brutal hot war ongoing as to who has the  hottest book into-workshop-retreat ... all of which should be flushed down the bog as i dont even need to think about the cure: lots of fresh air outdoors walking away from hot sweaty  yurts,   all that inner warming... . and loads of walking to toughen up the muscles  and sinews if the bones are reducing in inner strength maybe 10%,    but no one makes  any cash or fake 'like'ery out of that..

Take the picture of the original Paul.

White top... ish.... shows his skin at its ' best'.

Now, i happened to know a few really great mother hens in my  late teens and early 20s, who happened to also then think ' green'  or merely look after the planet  as no one else, especially the godsquad, ever does.. ( and sadly Labour have always been chip-on-shoulder townies rather boozy and scared to death of the smell of poo which is ' nature'..)

ALL ... my ' people' ... sane down to earth,  not showoff... thrifty.

Thrift... lovely word. Having a menopause :-) ? less time to work, you better get shacked up and unpause men,   as all 'mindfulness' essentially has caused, being self obsession is never any good for the self aditappens  .. as two per chimney is far more eco ..friendly

Mind you... cant afford  heating or logs any more, chilly...  perhaps it was all just a selfharming plot to make menopausing,  less heatstressing...

back to the hens, ecobeefootnote: 

every woman i lnew and quite a few chaps, metoo knew:  darker colours use far less energy to keep clean over their lifetime: lower heat setting, longer between washes, less detergent, plus in fact last longer due the aforementioned...

" it aint rocket science  mister" 

yet i have NEVER heard any ' green' speak of this dull truth for decades.. 

and then the ultra ( southern incomer) new ultra mermen gurus such as aforephotod Paul...( observed VERY closely in person  25 years ) ... are far far too ... ???? busy BEE ing buddhist ( for cash) to even study basic planetary  common sense that keeps all the "Bees and things and flowers .."...healthy

footnote on 'identity'