Monday 6 May 2024

con-text* " bird"ocide, too

And as for today( back old region) , blessem... indeed no Pastymermoplace could equal the ultimate in pseudeia

The workshoppers will be just packing up the yurts, at Ed's Court of Noke

Bulmer alcy empire, the ... ' reformation' side.

100s of Herefordshire's merms, and in fact there its the annual mermen jamboree.. ( they own all the booze and grub concessions, Gwerk prices... who says we have ' equality' if all the merms just perform and the blokes haul

the beer and dough..

parasitising the workshopper mermiverse

 dont think we have equality yet... sounds just like good old fashion brotheldome to me... ) 

Spring Greens

just down from where our Ed told the scientist researching why the River Arrow he owns all the banks) ,  too, was fucked.

" pertubation ..squire"  doffin 'is "umble 'at

" well... none of my concern ...i'll chuck in a new lot each summer for the sports fishers"

which is rhe ultimate in ecocide, as Noke... has the land, the cash, the people, and especially the county ( madonicish) work with the pertubating farmers up stream....

bribe coerce  whatever she takes ( my ex friend)

Never mind his, coventoo

cos our Ed

Takes pity

on down at heal 

slightly tatty


Merm totty

especially those on the run from S Ken 

after their crystal and supplements,

 market stall


into the mud

owing gold when that creek only has sewerage silt

" well maybe i can give you a little discount, on pitch fees..... as long as you pay me, some of the... you get back on your pretty feel ..up here in my Court."

( with his Magazinic  photo'd leather jerkins ..  her: thoughts: my my 

" Ed

 you can just take me, 

instead" )

as clever Ed knows

A simple man also knows as soon as.... they .... meet and interview his coven

chief coveness

 my my she hissed at some much  fresher meat cycling by

delivering green leaflets

they never helped with

trying to ask her Squire for some help with..

despite'BE ing' the ultra  Green ... 

' space'

cough cough

mustv been the sweat dribbling down the much much  younger calves...

caused Ed to be  so busy the most important election for years if you were a Green...  

too busy Being Ed


go find Ed

that reminds me yes.... well frankly ( local v strong dangerous  chemicals  in use, here, banned next year!! listen to earlier vid... )

i hope the first to conk over, starved to death,  are their ferkin flagships boast

"We brought the Chuffs back from the ...


Be ing...where they spray, now,  is indeed chough central....

I know what poetical dead'bodily' ' justice' is...


these should be at the start, of this



i never say  " subscribe, like"  nor do i hashtag as they are so ugly...
you ... are only here because..
......i have absolutely no idea...

so keep your cash, interest and fake likes,to your deadBee, self...
that way you die sooner too as fighting for real keeps Fosser very young for her rancid oldage..
( which is what every ecoish bloke wishes deep down,  population ..lots of it...gone.
Not me,  i know theres enough on this planet for us all including even more " birds" bees and 1/4  Paks ( 3/4 Heidi)

but it means the Merms will have to be made extinct, cos i been this minded for decades...and deep in it all thatvlong...  every Bee counts every weedtoo...
but they... always have an excuse not to just say " ok what...NOW?!....what do we DO.... give it to me straight.... and quick, loud too, so i dont Miss Hear.. which would waste..
( precious... 20 yrs ago walking Hay High st., whisperin to self in exasperation " god...its just got so so precious..."

And its the merms  public enemy #1 if you're a Bee...

 indeed they killed that one just popped of her perch... errata, him...unless Queen... then youre really deBeed...  generationalgenocide... ( Roundup ) 
no "trauma" their trendy word, cos all..