Monday 6 May 2024

BEEocide or is it BEAocide

 live, action.

I have been as busy as one.

And as at last in one short, ish... take

I can describe 'mermism'

 or if one were to Bee more accurate,  i suppose precious princessism

And how, today, now...  as i write.

They shpuld Bee at work as nature protectors thousands of Bees Being Beaocided...

 ' NOW' ...fucking Eckhart Tolle.. 

As it, mermism, did in The Black ( Craswall, Esti and dad rented old ungentrified farmhouse) )  Mountains above  Hay-on-Wye 

and so often at the Wye, by Hay.... and here even worse

I have it.... in 10...or 15 nrar  perfect  minutes...

why i have for 5+ years wandered the land sometimes sharing " dont blame big biz, big farmer, or politics...[except The 'Green' party 2014,  we mentotee and I, were the top local election leaflet deliverers for...all by very old rickety  bicycles ... once owned and ruined leaving them out in the rain for years from NEW by the Green Mayor... ess and  Herr..Mister Mayor ...ruining them only 100km on the clock- you could tell by tyre eear, both new high quality expensive Raleighs , took me 20 quid to rescue em and months of work to begin  reusing them ..] blame the environmentalists...

To Bea...continued in half an hour, do come back..please, when upload done

I can have my deserved holiday, NOW....