Monday 6 May 2024



But i do trust her, with a bun in her oven

Follows on from

Dead Bees

and added a bit later on - footnote, at

( and in the great ' join the dots'  no 'Green' has one neuron, so as  to manage to 

'connect'  one smallest 'a' to a Bee... never mind through c...  the wisest thing i ever heard said of " now" ... was

 " and... they... are all so busy being on their endless rather absurd...workshops..."

If i had all the time in the world with electronic devices plugged in for a months, so i had time to get all notes out and elegantly join thise dots,  that is the first joining Bridge Across Forever    between dot 'a' and all the dead Bees ... just black dots, soon (thousands getting drowsy as i write..last gasp soon)

Be cause... it is funny the last year occasionally monitoring a few known years ago on Fakebook, and their ' network' my ohhh my every single atomised one of them has gone into the 

" come to MY workshop "  business ... it started to explode in late 21, easier gig than being a cleaning lady... but now there must be more workshops than residents of Hay, Presteigne, Gweek, and a few other similar workshop ultra rich spots...

But the serious point is, so much time at, or making new websites for your own oppositional workshop.... ( never  mind the money desperately needed to Bee seen at the latest workshop, as the 'best'  conartists guru types are the most expensive of course...and flashest promo material.... ) so she, as it mainly is,  has to have two hamster wheels on the go full time to ( get to all the jobs as cleaning lady to pay for  the next workshopper convention, but we dont post that anywhere)..  of course all the workshops, making loot to go to workshops and also design one's own...of course they havent had time to actually DO or just explicitly pledge to DO anything  on the eco  for real...for years.. except a quick click online to buy some smiley  Bee logo yogamats or shoulder bags a premium... workshops really did become the final nail....  and of course the greatest comedy of all is death workshops became maybe the MOST virtue singnalled -  very popular the last 5 years... a sign, pointing  to the  last  exit...for the Bees... )


XXX - another day

Pic to insert, of a van..spied of late, it would Bee perfect

Four grand special (waste of) paint job, with as so often seen, the 'bee' buzzingsmiley face and some life affirming  "live on with positive energy" vile sloganeering ..large! 

But i forgot to capture it...

So, that above off google ...

 (astonishing how much inner city paint gets used to virtue signal Bee stuff..)

not one of the artists would answer a text if they got one from me ref whats in the big video

I know as its been my mode

27 years Hay habitats being destroyed unnecessarily  - usually by incommer Tom-Paul Polly Garchs - big wastelands of splendid soil-fixing overgrowth (soil runnoff megga issue as we have known 40+ years) , never mind beds for Bees..

20 ago in Craswall endless habitat destruction, almost as if those farmers (a rare left alone spot) were doing so deliberately

18 ago strimming SSSIsin May on the river Wye

15 ago bulldozing 100s of tons of shingle from protected areas along the Wye banks

7 ago.."Gordon..[is a moron]..."

5 ago,"the law says that 1000s of hectares felled in spring by Herrock hill is UTTERLY illegal .. as it is breeding season for many marginal creatures up there.." 

to THREE 'proto'merms  - walkers up there, too, over a long series of chats.

4 ago"Hey its July...the law says that Kennel Wood owned by a Horrorfordshire eco spokesman and CHURCHman and XR  tablestallvirtue signaller... is doing the same as above, PLUS massive unlawful Brockocide...

2 ago - laodsa major issues too numerous to mention.

And June 2023 ...even her creek shitcreek...


SO, all this nature virtue signalling....years

(the MESS the last few weeks, no sockets available or if they are... my my the crap i have to put up with)

never mind into the season of Mister inspector..

SO i must buzz off

And almost have


ladies - it always is ladies nowadays virtue signalling with the worst art i have ever seen...

THis mademe stop and stare 
for hours seeing it..a mere £20 
in an arts 
not even arts place but corridor of one


SO, It's just so totally theme park, here...

The way they stare, if you arent in compulsory sunglasses, baseball cap, or 75 grand SUV ...or in lots of very new looking specialist walking gear

(a hand scythe, Ralph's, and a tripod make them think... something other than tramp)


double meaning, 

BUT never to think of again....

Though his serf's wife... bun in her oven
Really DID help

With what is SHOULD Be, like

THE problem though is THE 'environment' is not in progressive and maybe more thoughtful cities with ultra woke (the good kind - eco  fundamentalism is) architects

Anyway thelast page to uncloak.
Waste of time ever speaking with ANYone...ever

BUT inelegantly the grand finale (someone here i thought may have would be my camera person....likely forgot that too)

DEFINE mermism... or the ruder version ...

But believe me 15 years of this....THEY (Rosandco the ULTIMATE merms - take much public cash so vcanbe named..) were asked to support complaints that were potentially lethal to the complainer with his video regarding a large farmXXX name soon,digging up 100s of tons of shingle that was the schedule 2 ONLY andhighly protected breeding ground of the Little ringed plover  very rare"bird" 

(RUN... now i cannot come back...many more sad Beeocide photos to add in of course, one day...but no helpmeet, not worth the risk taking a REAL stand ..alone.. they arent stupid the 'enemy' of nature - they know far easier to harass you if only one tangoin...)

we can name her without fear of their usual games..false personal lawsuits orarrests - you canget anyonearrestedfor anything TRUE these days of course, the fuzz divide and conquer...for speaking OUT
cos shes dead...and anyway was not only on LOADSA cash and public regard,but asked to assist face to face in our (PR SYMBOLIC) region she rudely snubbed, too  (as my text record shows...despite a recently dead friend in common)

BUt it's not just me....
Alan,  taciturn but dedicated steward at THe Warren, Hay-on-Wye, wildflower megga meadow... he basically committed suicide 2003ish after no one helped him when his 20 acres was destroyed   
And so many I fixed up to pop for FREE - norules, no bossiness, no control freak in her neonjacket, in midsummer and her  'sign in for insurance' - free fruit, dont care if you are DIFFERENT to us....
"come...just LEARN from real-thing  famous eco genius strings...." 

"wowyes..." and that merm charmy smile... none ever did...

blah blah blahhhhhhhh

TO Be written much better, one day....

BUT  you could in fact blame the whole bullshit new paradigm on the CAVEman..his variety of so knowing fauxboho....bullshit

BUt then...herit that onegood song

I couldnt listen to, undertones (Fergal the fake...and his FAKE river Wye payup..sad, he was doing SO well....) of The Caveman


quite by accident

We have it a100 times better singer than the writer....(and a rather good film but flawed he knew her bloody phone number!!)

THing sums up ALLof mermism.... 15 years+ endured....and so many real life funny takles..recorded

" you dont have the same....GOD ..yogamat brand.....  [fake] i shall not give you a lift "  - carsharing to the scream or even sing Jonisongsat them.. about...big farma.. they all want to sue, now..for buckets of gold.......not over my dead body, as Biljana[ocided], them..their vapidvampiricmermaidinessforcash......that's a definition of"IMMORAL" if ever i knew one"

....  the end.

even got closed off, kindof

( but i do have to superfast write all that a bit more user friendlyish) i MUST make look nice, as AC Grayling told me ( i must find that interview) ... to as its a responsibility but it needs SOME comedy 


will always be ignored...

But most of all i have so many poignant photos to interweave,   like sweet smelling flowers between the paving stones, some call weeds, to a Bee there is no such thing, as long as its not dabbed with poison, to put in between waffles, and posts here ... photo sorting out,  and sometimes cropping,  takes SO much more time and battery... so i had to let go...of what may indeed  endear

but thats ok as the  rough, hard, edgy, what matters, if you are a grown up...