Friday 17 May 2024

But to hear it...

 And see it...

A Northerner, based man... Yorks.

Though a mainly London Courts working man. Retired..

But a true  vanman - he has even vandloped over into Russia.

We stood on a headland sunset spot. 

And his  ageing eyes spoke the truth. 

Moi: " but c'mon in our  teens and 20s ...  we very much said then, ' US  is so legalistic... good job we don't fall down that mineshaft of a dark cave that never ends well.... but as you know we did....  its so warped and sad.... but I know, you also know.... UK false allegation centre of this hemisphere... " 

'Im vanlopin' lawyerman, a real man

 ( extraordinary, so few citytype  lawyerlot can even manage goin' out in the

 ' sunshine is the best [ democratic]  disinfectant' 

without a police protection unit in their backpack, and insect repellant sprayed ahead of every cliffwalk

 step ): 

" ... so sad...what have we become...."

But his eyes werent speaking any lawyerly weaselese...

They were the most " human" eyes i have ever seen. Two at dusk.... who know why ....