Friday 17 May 2024

Nothing, nowhere

 Around me now, in any way exists. All my life will be, wished,   is to make myself useful - mutual benefit,  to someone with a bit of land,

....who needs a hand.

And if the energy takes me back to good reflections, in writings... so be it.

Though with the  miraculously best upload signal in the whole of Pastylandshire, well...  thats curiously ... timely. Meaning i no longer need it...

One thing for certain, on 6 Juin 2023... i met someone. At last. Only persom who has piqued my? ... trust,  in this land for many years....actually....real trust...deep just maybe alliance trust.....

but there was never any point. Conformity,  fear to speak out, everywhere... and in a holiday camp of a whole county,  thats even more so the case ( as GREAT  menoir etc told us 50 or more years ago...)

Not one other person i have encountered, of many... matters,  or do i have the slightest interest in.... or are they relevent to many reflections from prior schism time, early winter  2022. 

All it is about is maybe leaving a few useful insights behind, from life,  up until then.