Tuesday 28 May 2024


 How remarkable, the ( free, as they mucked me around on " admin",i was once truly good at) camera ... picks up the cuckoo call 

I had no idea if it would.

Irrelevent, as i guess no one gets the  poetical allegoricallity  ( even if not very good) in almost every word i mutter..

May as well have muttered only to myself, but at least  no one cuckooed me with false  ideologies and  isms...

That said, of course that is what humans do, 

I ain't entirely daft

But had my reasons....  I know what they were,after a good day wandering, mutteting to my  recorder.

Bugger needs bleeping  though

The old lady in her Dunlops and collie, coming along the pathway... her i trust entirely, no axe to grind ... she knows what she needs...

To be continued

only to finish it off.

As it is finished.