Tuesday 28 May 2024

so, only a note to myself.

 No idea why.

But i sort of 

enjoy, ish..

Being a bit Proustian or maybe better put, a bit French arthouse.

Saturmorn, over that side. Of the  county

And whom is the only person i see I recognise?

The bloody shitcreekside Merm #1 !!


Walks past.

She gave me a look

My, my, a look.

All i know is near a yearago, i got a free fish 'n chips dinner out of her.

Without asking.

I never ask anyone for anything. Cos i know that is what a pukka partner is for... thats rhe deal of being human.

She has had a ' makeover' and a half...

( i am surprised, i thought pure mermism, her the most profound proponent

 was above trying to appear a supermodel, at age 52...  fair dinkum she must have a good aestheticistician- is that the latest word for the dolly bird shop?, she could get away now with 40...nothing to do with me, except this endless  obsession with looks is so sad ... i thought we got through all that decades ago... especially if a bit mermite - the good tasteful version)

Anyway all i know

Sateraft in the artscentre, only for an hour of nothing,  except plugging in.

For nothing.

All digital communication, isn't

An overheard conversation, the twentysomething bragging of " twenty shots of spirits" the night before. To her mum. Who has nothing to say

I do believe the official data is something like death by alcohol  is up 30 or 40% in the last five years.

( and  official obesity still keeps spreading ) 

My own Corbynite*  alcohol  habit of the last three decades ...i know is wonderful, but it seems one is almost completely an island... in an island that is the grape

I live in the wrong island.

* " weddings and funeralls, only,  i may have a glass ... otherwise dont need the stuff"  myself i even realised 7 or 8 years ago that if one simply has given the stuff up  almost always,  then that twice a year " sunny summer evening,  rare treat...pint of beer  early eve" ....or just once " get a bit pissed with ones only kid, just once,  as rite of passage... " fails.... it tastes kindof yuck if you just dont bother any more, so i dont bother...

And never will again.

But everyone else is in a bother about if you don't...

All i know waking clear head always, always more or less 530 or occasionally  6 or 6.30...  is just the best way to be.

Especially when you have nothing else, and Corby the last  anti neoliberal hope, got  shot in the head...

( hmm even if i dislike his style immensely Monbiot was good lastereve on how the ' neoliberals' of Fatchertimes... managed to retain neoliberalism, still, now... full on.... total neoliberal immersion.... but cleverly   removed the label from our lexicon... that is kindof cleverthink, i guess..... literally is a whole dull life.... so maybe my last audio made yesteraft is antidote, a bit...)