Sunday 12 May 2024

Google, yes, " now" "etymology pagan"

 heres the link for you if your jostix  

have fogged your cashregister mind

And the wind turbines

 you got a council grant for

" Now" are 

Now unused  


cos your " community" were just users

Hit you on the bonce 

And all you see are cheap plastic stars in your eyes

late Middle English: from Latin paganus ‘villager, rustic’, from pagus ‘country district’. Latin paganus also meant ‘civilian’, becoming, in Christian Latin, ‘heathen’ (i.e. one not enrolled in the army of Christ).

Yeahhh like there's a god

And she found her way i to James' junky fingers that night in 1972....

But ohh my its versions, versions of life culture and juju...


some versions are vd

Some versions are.. the remedy

But it must be the WEST was won

" only for five minutes" ...and that " god chord" 

Which sounds a it silly, teen...

But, to be sat .... even if the rule is no machines, ideally all of Sunday,  with a machine plugged in, yet somewhere so damn quiet, totally... No road, no tourists, no ...

Thing is it really is the men; Just half an hour on that path...

Which is a meander

A mere staircase or five and a minor obstacle course to descend to the next cove

But the equipment!

Their so serious 



"How dare... 

you just bedancing along pack on your back

No sticks

Their silly compulsory sticks.

No 'sunhat' and shades

NO  agenda, no staged legs - mine most of the time goat

sometimes, not

 And certainly no wanky facecream  smiles as if they were on the top of Everest 


video one above....

As if from the goddesses ... Her look.

" so do does your  young adult child report in to you back home in Germany /..." mum  my friend Eva ... is self harming again..?."

Her look of

proof of

What for several years I had said 

She had  absolutely no idea what i was talking about

And a Tue rural walking woman on the path

" Frauline..  maybe you will need a bus goes stormy tomorrow"

" no bother for  me i just walk on any weather"   as her bodily language confirmed too

It's here.. this aisle...that has these problems, pandemics,( "why herren..?" .. acting out sheep following each other out of the theme  park shopping park, or crap culture park, or industrialised medicalisation of all, .... " look at them.....asthey head to that cliff edge there...and dont even know it is there as they rolled the map up to smoke their drugs with too" 

All that matters to me, is up and morning walks....

(you meet the best peeps at 10am...)

And back for a lunch and...siesta, as if you like life you like waking up twice full of life..

Even if all those 'problems'...with their bodies, and even their bodies in the nature around them they evolved to be in...

Just so bore me to death.

But... just like death one must laugh at her around the corner, their problems too, ditto.... but THAT'S not allowed...