Sunday 12 May 2024

Her [in italix] googled, "groundhog" And AT LAST....

...with time,and a  QUIET socket.. just the birds chirping, and no gobby library people gobbing endlessly about their hospital tests, of voices

It is a pleasure to sit at the keys

And i have found THE double chair...

The first one

(what a story  - hogs, love or hate i care not but its a good one..  to end up here)

 ALL my ... videos live in filestores

in links page


BY 2010 rather worn out
but 2015 when i decided to....BELIEVE...
I bought a replacement

that stayed in its wrapper, for my lass

BUt i don't mind someone else got tom unwrap it

As i know when i find  the right person to Be in that char

Even if ...

It takes skill, and nurse a hedge through the winter

Balls to the lot of them