Monday 13 May 2024

"how to get into the mind...

.. of a bee..."

off the wireless thistermorm

 Made me

Almost piss in my pants with kairos mirth

All i know is that it will take a real functional
" community"  of thousands collaborating to just save one bit of  this planet, doomed 
unless all those self actualised,  worksopped, 'unique'  minds stop tjinking abput who ' they' may need to Bee,and grow the fuck up and actually
buzz in harmony.
To get what needs to be DOne

Not in my lifetime... the poor Bees have no hope, except to Bee the nectar for yet more little selfloving  butterflies spouting radio 4 vomit..

so as to keep necessary helpmeet,  1+1=3 real COMMITTED ...colaborators, away...
At arms length, or swatted away...
Bee cause thats why the Bees are doomed... 
Takes a real committed movement... which means despite what you " think" of someone... to  cause change.
No hope in this society 

but i shall listen, anyway