Monday 13 May 2024

"start the week"

 uhhhhh.... as i have 

what a weekend

(no "fun" though..... i NEED FUN!!)

Fifi the underwhelmed collaborator

wrong word

Fifi knows energy ...  Fifi's energy is in her blueprint manifesto whatever neworld

Fifi's RESET

(not off the interweb)

Me, the perfect weekend of such wonderful new perfect walks (alone)

A simply perfect one-km-from-a-carpark beach...meaning only able bodied

(fact if you LIKE people, dot even wish Mr Trump a bad cold,  the latest  data, the factual datasets, 

 says the chubbies take double the sick days from work.... fact

so any "HUMAN" ist... Bee leaving in "human"s..  

Even if constructive criticism, even their dodgy Jesus woz... 

Is god.

So call them out!  Any creature that shits in their own creek, or hers... is not as sane as a Bee

Whom carefully tidy away their poo into nice little piles aside

(i think, their business,so to speak)

Anyway out of the blue

Under the jellyfish clouds

How can i have been a pilot for 20 years and never seen them before

Propper gypsy pilots in tune with nature

The Sublime of it

 see interesting clouds and fuck the passengers,divert over to have a look

How on earth can i have got through  life this far and never seen

I sat and never feel like i am on drugs and Dali is literally on the horizon painting 


Just for me...

Until Saturdeve...when

Hahh hahhh...

Anyway forget the perfect weekend of stop

Be still

Wander new pathways

find a perfect beach where the overwhelming plastic people dont move in with plastic suntents plastic   everything, and turn the sands into a field of stuff

The end, in a weekend.

And of course she ignores..

LIfe is well,all is ok if  - even if i stopped 4 or 5 years ago..

when the narcissistic fools took over 

REAL scientists and thinkers always preface " MAY..BE... my theory or understanding is true...MAY BE not...  so says the   hedgehog and the fox [ meta research.. the spikey hog with [Richard Dawkinsian] " this theory IS reality"  turns out to Be far more often wrong... than the far far more rambling fox, a bit manky, no haircut for months... even a bit moth eaten   [Stephen Jay Gould for example]  " i am trying to put one understanding of genetics/ MAY BE rigt it may NOT.." turns out to be more likey to be true... stand up to time..

Nope the new spiverrati ... of .. 'smart thinking' high production values, make me ...

Not bother


Previously my religion: 

All is well

when Monday morning 9am 


on goes the wireless for Start The Week...

But  the pharisees Sadducees and fundamentalists took over

who dare not even think " MAY ..BEE"

So forget them ALL!

And like a little stinger on my bum

" today we ... talk about one of the most important  creatures on the planet.... that funny little crit... THE BEE..."