Thursday 23 May 2024

i aint helpmeetin'

 ... 'err.

bony ass...

She had her chance.

And i don't have Paolo's Italian problem  of not making women leading roles in his great masterpieces....( i think we can see, in their dreadful porn .. where a quick random  survey would establish, they really do do the Phoebe Waller Bridge perversion, in neurotic control measures,  of  up the bum... almost always... ) 

I make women the boss, in a healthy standard ( historiographical)  way...  if they keep the deal - two are required to tango, and you have to make it a very long dance,  training session, years sometimes.... 

which makes god only one word, committment.

But then we know she is on bad mushrooms, too the fuckwit she can Bee at times...

Not me.

I know the rules. Where the line is, no matter what