Thursday 23 May 2024


 But unlike the bossocracy, and vested interests, slurping their gravy train,   all the way to their gold plated pensions ( even Labour cannot promise to jack up - all the cash spent, on failure, and a faled model, of unsustainable, state is daddy... nope men, down the road had to be daddy... but... that's harder than goin' to the bank) i do NOT think we are all unique  individuals, i know most of us are more or less the same.. when it comes to universals, such as not enough sleep makes you unable to " manifest" even great negative thoughts...  such as " poo on his picture"


the ultimate

Must be bettered, and that line...
of hers

Is true genius

But i am truer
Whom else got one of greatest lines, into actual 
indictment against...

now, the question, the worst of answers modern life failed to answer, too much...choice, is really bad for you

which version is the really most  Paolo Sorrentino poignant and wonderfully  fuckyou... bonkers, Greatest Beautifiul
I shall have to check them all

Jesus the .... quietness of hermitude in " you can have the best there is...but"