Friday 31 May 2024

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(audio  part 1 1/2 . " individualism takes from individuality... " wow thats wise! ...... meaning if you want to be ' individual' earn it by not  only ever bleeting  sheeplanguage...

clarification:   a recent " mong" ...  the knocked up mong, one of the very few  bimbos who ever occasionally communicate properly 

Her half Pak, half Kraut when i advised her 8th Oct " the only answer is mongrelising... so get dogging" 

She replied she agreed..

Mong ( rels).. is ...the pinacle of humanity...

She The Mong, really wonderfully humbly 'no statements' clad

Anyway what is this bullshit?

Your ' currency' is your crap new words ... not mine, i saw through that tyranny a decade ago.

And thus I am the loser. As your newword inhumanity, and  poncocracy won...

I am not stupid.

And i am an anachronism, meaning my paradigm remained old paradigm when a load of arroganti created ypur new self harming paradigm, like sheep to her BBQ.. you followed. Your world

And quite rightly as old paradigm i was used to earlier fairly high readership ( not bots) ... building to a cresxhendo of even 300 reads a day had fizzled out as i deserve to 50 or 100 a day....

Now we have 700 or 800 cheapskates 

But i have no audience, as atomisation means no pne has any balls to DO anything, or ever mean what they say..

Thats what my week was, reminding myself, no point ... no one simplifies anything, but i remembered...principles. Really hard to make them real out of words and ideas..

Principles. Grown ups can do "soft landings" not in this loonyland...

Maybe i grew up when 2009 one day utterly down to fumes in my vehicle, as i had been yet again for weeks... driving lass to school, stop off and buy 5 lit of diesel with last tenner,  knowing no more  even fivers for a week, but having figured every last penny for the week to come..

And looking at my change, there was £15... 

" well i never...something 'came up', paradise!"

But driving past the station later on the way back home, i had already half a dozen times  imagined the conversation the young woman may have with her boss, had... dont be a twat, when... the till, been  reconciled

" hello i drove off earlier realising you had given me too much change"

principles means always