Friday 31 May 2024


( includes real ' journalism' so irrelvent i forget the name of the 'source', anyway she is a fake vanwoman)

# Rewriting history  is naughty

# but all stupid new words, from the 3 'a's to even using ' shopping' instead of 'groceries'  but i knew a decade ago ( the fraud of 'technology' example) ... a silly word and if we had stuck with ' machinery' for this machine,  of curcuits and motors, no one ever uses to carry on any ' friendship' so in fact its a  fraud... yes where was i ? ten years ago i reworded all ' technology'   in my life to " gizmo" shortened to " giz" 

giz has quite correct silly undertones to the sillimess it all be came

substack audio

Words. ( rewriting history). pt 1 of 1 1/2.

Words part 1 1/2, individualism, consumerism. ( there will never be a Monbiotism)