Sunday 5 May 2024

Now, two in one week...

 what a sublime



 with what

i know not

There are two books, one never sees in second hand nor charity shops.


' borrowed' back 

( mine stolen by an " of course i will return it,  as your number is written in it  i can message you" Kington bookshelf browser  book reader met a few times...artist....of the supposedly trustworthy sex, 5 years ago... 1000s of charity shelves perused then ,til now.... discovering no 'artist' ever means what they say...for the 100th time ..)

1st of May

And, today...

Even if 1st May, my may

natural justice day = all rhe past is cant and vanity,

Bel Canto

Both so beautiful, people only give them away to truly truly deserved souls....

( at the stall,

 "  ...Heidi, she got preg this week, her mum really is a real Heidi....superb film... if it wasn't for Mong whonis half pure Heidi i wouldnt Bebhere as No g loosened me up 2 years ago and got me on whatsup...i was prejudiced against preMong... as merely bimbile....,  Bel in one box...  how astonishing

... even if Bel probably got chucked in her shitcreek by the recipient last June... so as a work of PERfart i shall NOT buy in another copy, ever...."