Sunday 5 May 2024

the environment

 much more to add in, merge...


my whole writi g ( all first draft) life ends 20 june.

long planned

so it's all just fill in the " space"  not of manifested Buddhist con artist crap,  a perfect excuse for DOing notjing....but reality

( 20 yrars i have...

 ' studied' ..from the inside.... of her bed, first.... my my she had me tricked, the naughty little... even if loved, pseud....

..... 20 years ago, 20 june) 

all i have ready soon

ie a tract by Ephron on her so time consuming hairdye habit...

photo collages ( mine) of huge shoploads of products..

... and many pictutes of truly crap pictures

i eant some HAPPY stuff though!

Ms Mount, boss of an art exhibition, will have to do, 12 years ago photographing .. a real photoshoot...

of her simply  gorgeous naturally ageing hair... 

...and her true real smile  at a man appreciating her...for especially her authenticity

making her desrved ' supermodel' as she knew our real true performance art in public ' art' space.... just her and i.... 

but i captured it  digitallytoo...for.

one day

that day is...soon

if i can find them, soon


asbergers spasticity is the


of any

" middle class" 

British parent type mind to know

WE must set billions of

not white 

ex colonised or jungle types, 

never mind makeup hairdye STUFF obsessed 

racist lands ( except Romania and i think Yugoslavia)

former Soviets


" look....we did" 

in my dreams no Green Party moron can even manage that simple time immemorial,  rhetoric....