Saturday 11 May 2024

ok her [ initalics] ' hollowgram*

Instagram of 
false 'ideologies'?  ideas for profit... spreading ... like confetti at a lesbian wedding ( fact: they last the least time, so the data says, but i wish every one  the best chance of permanent helpmeeting)

Hollowgram? ...must Be
Or maybe there is some schema for more real yet all entirely ... ( i hate that word 'Matrix - hardedged silly and pumped up) 

My ' rule' is that it is impossible to know the  schema, the purpose....
.. We down here must just act as if we are expected to do some ( very carefully pondered for actual utilitarian  non narcissistic, good) ...

no matter what.

But the thistermorn i wake up to  free reliable energy, the kind one needs to make onrs stupid devices work.
And no need to run van motor.

My Gweek shitcreekside
fix made last summer at the park there.

At last failed.

1/4 decade no socket.
1/4 decade  limping,  wounded worn out, patched up, nursed and  sometimes rebuilt,  charger.

The very same moment, both reverse.

A truly bizarre coincidence.