Saturday 11 May 2024

There is ONE great British woman writer


The Missed Lives of Max and Judy (1/2)

So.... who the heck is? ..... i looked, written by...

Janina Matthewson...

And i do not jest. Even in old days as world traveling hobo gypsy pilot bobbing around the world,  finding radio drama on the world service was my education. And best relaxation

Until 6 or 7 years ago when  it went so so so.... formulaic and anodyne ( except Mike Walker..) ... just dead. 

Forced pity, and confected " something wrong with me" bullshit.

None of which we learn from

I listen to every radio 4 afternoon play, 99.5% i just cannot make it to the end... for several years... 

Her two, lovely cliff edge real writing.... that grabs you by the heart and reminds you why we have one.

Pure. ...saudade ( " is not finished yet" ..the Portuguese told me)