Monday 13 May 2024


 Is not she

Anyway ... a week, of "insight" into  their world....

Ohh its so nice to at last write with a  laptop,

Even if likely, temporarily

no one can spell "continuity"

As i muttered under my breath thirty years ago

Leaving the South East region for good:

" hells bells... never in anyone any .... reliability"

So, s/he ...  has a womb

And it has been used.

And i don't mind talk of 'sexuality'

As it has absolutely nothing to do with me.

I know what i have between my legs, and what it is for


(and universally, when they end, being 'elder' to the next gen - guiding gently,  is irrespective of womb, used or not...and superb purpose. At least s/he gets that)


Even if 100% nothing to do with me.

I am the perfect non invasive mind.

" your 'community' project, is not for me, i won't even want to park up there, 

my head 

left this land 

some years ago"

Indeed, talk about PROOF her horrorscope was wrong:

I know there has been no more functional 

(it isn't 'helpmeet' as there is nothing better than meeting a woman, who is 100% absolutely crystal clear, s/he believes in partnership. Two,together, fully, in all. And it is kairos time to find the right one at last to reboot their new life ...... my life " i valued her  because she also accepts  maybe even the end, maybe even not so far away... fears not, even 'leans in' to death even if i would like to live for decades.... and hope shetoo may... )

functional collaboration

same-page concaternation

BUT only around 'their' 

"sovereign" iteration.

So lets codename  it....... hahh hahhh


But for now

NOT 'overwhelming'

I doubt there have ever been two people, whom automatically fall in.

ONLY into Fifi's PURPOSE

Not mine,   I have nothing to "overwhelm" anyone with. 

Silly deadBees one and all

Which is an obtuse, seemingly nutjob riff, on a development I am so able to keep in a sidegig 'box'...

And at last someone else 'gets' at least one thing:

" your odyssey... i respect, it doesn't offend me with bullshit impossible notions based on Merm language from Shitcreeksville... or other USER places..... collaboration must be pure and above all the floating turds,

many icebergs

and it is either for two

for the mutual benefit of two "human" beings partnered.

Ideal. It is the 'natural state'.

Or for one, alone...  

as long as s/he has the odyssey mapped out.

and the collaborator,  simply serving.

Mere service, but loyal, and no

no bloody onion skin layers

Thats what i know..openess, really is key stage one


To be continued.... indeed the mission is  a bit ... not sure how to say it yet.

Except when i called myself Mr Schism  November 2022..  Ihave not changed one smallest intent.

I knew why, i must Be that person 

And i know that chameleoning, " DM me for change" ing...

Is why so so so little ever gets done

Because 'growing up' 

is about clarifying 'values'  

The fndamental mindbody Bee


And sticking to them...always.

That is growing up

continuity, in whom we think we liked to Be