Thursday 9 May 2024

typo, the

 watchmaker,(  Dawkins)

Two for one, day

You have simply no idea the energy i have to put into.....


wasting my time


I stopped proof reading years ago not out of laziness, but let goness...

i had to

 due only

'them'....wasting years  and yrars of my precious time... 

no time to detypo

the price of ' them'

substack audio

UK culture, my one question, has everyone forgotten the best of it, we did have in the 80s to 90s ?


Now, the funny thing is... in an almost untranslatable way,  there is more about ' them' in audio 2, in audio 1, above... where they arent mentioned

Former Soviet Union states. My reflecting, and more... via my encounters over 30 years,with women of those peoples and places. ALL... of them... compared...

which ends with a factoid, about Former soviet 

wo/ man... that may shock you