Saturday 4 May 2024

UK parent / child damaged psyches. pandemic 15+yrs

 INCLUDES truly expert strategy for  impressing any judge,  directly in a trial ( i.e.  in a non- jury trial, most that aren't being based on sworn statement... which are the majority - and all child cases )

that also is superb test of if   anyone can  think non-narcissistically....when the chips are down

My best audio yet by far :-)


more to do on this

Ready by  next week. limited battery power.

Add in,  many chats with under 50s, the last decade, the majority speak of disastrous sleep issues

 ( failed sleep over a week or so is number  one predictor  of  ending up in the whacky ward...or self harming, all a tragic disaster). 

Many clearly suffer  at least partial OCD type behaviours


i have great 20 year attuned antenna  from working with mainly middle class  mums in a legal mess,  but plenty of dads too, and know how to philosophically discuss such matters with ANYone .. and how to LISTEN

... to the lacunae ..

the actual truths... often not apparent,  the masks so  prevelent nowadays. I hear actual truths whispered,  behind them.

FACTS of how one can sum up,  with real life examples at critical moments of peoples lives, the  last decade of disastrous  pandemic of "75% NPD" as i say: inability to think as another may, when s/he  has the judicial power over your children. Rules your ass. No matter what stupid smartphone you own.

plus, generally, self harm, young adult depression/ anxiety and harder drug guzzling  in EU are NOTHING like UK levels... UK arived in another universe they dont even know exists.... ( listen to actual narative of my many chats with young Europeans the ladt year...)

substack audo:

FACT: 20 years inside view: over half Brit under 50 parents, and kids, the wrong side of healthy line of psyche 

( permanently)

20 years inside view,  expert.

100s of cases ...

I swear on the only person valued, that audio is your truth. Your society.

 I knew 10+ years ago, from many inside views of middle class  families  with troubles,  and it gets worse and worse

....endless evidence, once again in the last week.

But one is  FAR happier longterm knowing where the goalposts are....

same audio  file in google drive


same audio as the substack 

on this too

extra interview, with THE problem 20 minites later


the above audio, yet another young woman with BPD...75% here! cannot listen to someone clearly older and wiser...

And thinks because her " lifestyle" is good and she 'manifests' an expebsive arm sling,  boring supermodel sunglasses ans posing by a beauty spot,  she wont meet  one of the 100s of Lucy Letbys in the making

refs only in passing. Fantastic Nadine Strossen on how ' free speech'  is complicated, but why being an ' absolutist' is important. AND why having a professional ' ACLU' type organisation is fundamental to all rights... a heroine!

( me and my little bit of being a one man one stop ' aclu' the talk refers,  waste of time, UK went  ...lost.... utterly warp drive lost....

..the fones did your heads laptop days all took their words, cases,  ' activism' etc ...seriously and tried to do the serious real work)

i wrote later today as 'intro' to this.

But its so dull for me...i have to bw in greatest mood as i am today alone BEing in nature all day:

....And twenty years, my antenna quite uniquely attuned to responses and  actual actions of thousands of people,  either in inner circle or periphery of  family situations where parents are under existential stress or threat. ( naturally causing true psychological knock-on angst in any child in the vicinity). I can assure the patterns i encountered are almost fatal. Never mind at the root of most future child behavioural issues  that continue mind/ body well into adulthood and often for life ( eg those subject to angst in childhood,  often have digestive system issues that can blight their whole life) , but also fatal towards any future sane interaction across  any sector of ordinary society as such people may face ANY challenge. A genuine disconnect,  or 'disregulation' - the new silly trendy word of the 40 somethings who think they are 'smart'. 

Who as usual spend all their yime on useless fakebook ' qriter' or ' expwrt' sites.

None will tell you about the above, as there is no money in it for them saying so;  and no rubbish new  clever newspeak with which to impress.

In fact i wonder if  any of my former tribe of lay legals  ever stopped to THINK...all gradually so full of themselves, too.

 Simply 20 years, fact, from 20 years observation inside others tragedies.

And one of the actual real reasons uk national debt skyrocketed these last  10 years... 

The inability to  process even fairly simple, but life-changing if a failure,  legal issues, efficiently and rationally....  

 ( and that's just the educated middle ish class i legally looked after...)