Friday 10 February 2023

Why schism?

 A dictionary may throw it up as some aggressive, frisky word.

Not here.

It is a gentlest, gradual, end of a range of eras. And then a 'schism' - healthily, with a past way of BEing. 

Soon I start the new rest of life phase of only writing in a way I hope is not the slightest way even suggestive of inputting my opinions into others. Just a rather fun reflection on times that have been.

But at least start with some good pictures. Yesterday on a steep bank facing south, the spring began. 

Sadly - for me at any rate, I am not quite set up, just yet, to write - meaning transcribe, or even share, a whole range of great little audio essays I have made the last few days. 'Universal' themes; observations.