Friday 24 February 2023

24 feb 2023

A jumbled mess at first. But soon i shall have a lovely poignant presentation here. Of what matters.

Daily working only on this, now. For the rest of life.

Many years i have been taking evocative poignant pictures.

But they all have a story around them; it is all the same thing - how to live simply, and well. Very. (never mind the lowest possible carbon and also other POLLUTANT footprint) And how I know no one who can...sadly.

This is just the start of a 10 year long Odyssey which i must begin to roll out.

Much of what i write will however be handwritten return to nice handwriting - in fact it is far more time efficient than typing anyway, but having the poise, grace, and centredness to make that time - almost always, is what I am about....and have been some years despite assumptions. Jumping tc onclusions, is just...sad.

Now, in a little video below there is the statement " i shall never put out a begging bowl. Never

Not like this load of miscreants.... who waste so much carbon it is a crime
never mind really rather against what page two of their bible says.

" look after my garden"

I purchased 22 feb

I wasn't planning to but I like being called Ralph, now... 

inspired :-)  by only one

who will never ever even be referred to

Inspired maybe meaning it is good to know that no matter what, one must always try to speak some truth. That's what "daddy" does. Always.   In the case of Ralph Schism, only about society, at large in my region, prior to New Years eve 2022.

And of many a 'tip' - even if this is only about psychology and black swans, Ecover will do for EVERYthing... dishes, body, and fact best ever laundry detergent i have known - and this is the no frills, simple...

24 Feb 2023