Saturday 6 May 2023

Now, what a decision..


Thing is the slave even fixed itself via the songs....

How weird is that.

Please do come back.

It may not sound like it, look like it,  even 'be' like it.

But one week of ....

The grasshopper will not hop.

No one will ever know of the life, lead.

Let's call it (in these times of any gender will do), piggie.

Guzzling drugs (as i saw); guzzling fake love and admiration. Guzzling. 

But i know who is the cause of the hole inside. It could not be more than obvious.  So 'classic'. Is the tale of these sceptic Isles.  Him. Mister hang gliding show off: "I am of the birds and nature, come fly with me"  Decades on of course the only bird he can get is a pay-as-you-go Thai pet.

And the result, progeny, offspring, of his loins, needs.... so clearly, fixing. And piggie the guzzler, knows so too.  

And his house too

Needs it too

For money.

And maybe this time i shall not be at the behest of the most unimaginably lethal tidal wave , tsunami, flood - the net result being  all of them so tragically just stuck in a  swamp

They are addicted to their melodrama psychodrama phases of the big big wave;

but cannot see or deal with the beauty in the aftermath - miles and miles of they are all stuck forever in the swamp.

Only the black swan of course is there for them to mount her back (or his - it is hard to tell which is which ) and strap on....

NEVER knowing where s/he will take them on the ride..

That really does cause actual real, healthy, change...