Monday 12 June 2023

And... proof - words are cheap!

 WHY...has the signal come back...

you dear reader have no idea how ferkin fizzical this is... here.....

the battle...strugglin... back and forth charge a bit... put phone up pole....with the a tango to the death  with Aphrodite herself for her honour...  just to get a bleedin 'connection' - lecture to the lovely younger mums here today.... let me hang out with her nipper - paradise......doesnt even care tit out and feed the lovely bundle in front of a stranger...

..  who hate the web 

"ladies for your sake i do hope when hey are of age these damn phones do not exist.... "


"but ladies these new fancy reach out...connection  they are  meaningless..fantasy.."

The letters..out.. the true schism to the few who people pleased even about a child... for years...

men they call themselves, fathers... promises made about a child.. they may as well have been sending a text to the hookers they secretly need its that real 

uk narcissism capital ofthe world...even my once best school friend..

the Christian..12 years i have tolerated his fraud

 "  but in any culture...any is an honour to be trusted to be there to give the last words if a dad died and.... i dont care how bad the jokes are but you kinda know me.."

Nope - if proof a very wonky hologram, his response...well mine has sent a real once in a  lifetime letter - truth hurts, lies damage..

DONE..fait acccompli is true freedom

Even if one can never ever ever be sure of the result or even if its the right thing to do...even if for about 7 years that letter has been in draft form in my brain...

NO IDEA...what next, even when i KNOW for certain he will as usual be smug... 

....or.....the black swan says we can never ever ever know...ever what next, when an action or change or... even new 'friend' is ... not seen

And so at last bodily...and i mean it... i know exactly what the creative here had in him or her... (her walking up into town bit of a strop on, fully clad the sexiest scene in cinema...EVER....and when i saw it - no plug, old laptop could only do Youtube... bereft nothing left to night out of boredom stuck it on... i wrote (in a 2010 blog many hundreds read..)i am the most prejudiced cunt EVER...cos years i saw references to it as one of the greats )( on great culture was suspended 6 mths ago for far far more interesting real life things..oh well) and always thought  "bloody Greeks i mean how can arthouse cinema experts say the Greeks could manage a....[(and i saw also the hooker one courtesy of a friend...forget it ...19632 i think..Homer and the hooker woman - magnificent - but sad.. no..bleak]... GREAT thanks we will avoid that one from Guardian best films of century list... uck".. and then within 5 minutes "proof you are a prejudiced closet little racist.."

tiz time

and there is only one dance

but as usual this weird buggy albeit cheapy website wont let me find it in youtube.. to put here

children techies one and all... 13 years it has had this rust 'artificial intelligence' youre suicidal fruitbats..MAIN google com consumer websites =

simple design

not many buttons

why i like them - not much tech to distract from thought or creativity...the flow

one is do a " search youtube for video" and you can put in exact video  title wording...and half the time it wont find  it. it finds many others but not the right one... his bug been here 13+_ years...