Monday 12 June 2023


 That's a lot of 'reading' ..yesterday

stats say big readership...hmmm... i wont ever look again

It makes no dif to me...

If that is you my daughter, it is far more than my dad is a sick 'weirdo' than you may assume.

ONLY very very special people are individually face to face..invited here...

and i have several writing sites... (but in fact know a writer who MUST write to save her soul and i do not need ever to write one word..i wish she would do so... if maybe one day this disappears it is because i have said to her "your influence upon the planet is ten times more important than mine so i shut up forever and just go fishing for our supper..") 

(one small exception, the one person i write FOR - will always be muse... thats not a sexist concept as love is the only power that ever matters.. and if women dont find blokes musish..well your bloody dog certainly is no LET GO..and allow in musification.. because no the modern 'science ' is so McGilchrist bad its daft...liten TWO biologists Darkhorse podcast Heatrher Heyling does great talks.. almost NO difference in REAL science between bloke THEMIX and babe THEMIX...real science has been crystal clear on that for decades...buta  whole load of FALSE witchdoctors with their modern wellness mindfulness which is all just wishing dodgy superiority over the masses..have so so [perverted this 'woman' 'man'...'feminine' - is all so off with the fairies...and fairies cannot be 'desired'...unless they have you thior prisoner in your sick mind.  [ appropriate usage this one time - i.e. huaman societally created meme=fantasy]..  )

I like it i have no idea whom

of only a few

may read may not

Its on living UKTRA simple so i had time for you....always...all of it

And then have time for a few other causes

and one other person

causes now finished - waste of time... FACTS: 99% went nuts by any reasonable definition

Its called 'propriety' and also equality. It is normal to have a conversation via your degitals - or was until you all went abnormal and with no propriety

i did a superb audio essay  - booklength, a year ago.... how unequal and in fact dangerous (for them!!) it is for women to seemingly by default become passive aggressive ghostly via digitals.

 SAFETY - women knew this when i was 16!!  =  go through the full process of communication with say an unwanted suitor... even tell him white lies " aww.. thanks for calling... i so so enjoyed our talk and.. well ok kiss at the disco... but i had a few ciders and cant quite remember exactly what happened...... fact is i am in love with a sailor who i thought was lost at sea... then he turned up at the weekend and we are engaged...if he hadn't come back ... oh i wish are so hot its daft... but he has... can we just have a coffee now and you want to be invited to the wedding" is how to get rid of even the occasional psycho... even the rare psycho will not want to cash that rain check for the coffee suggested...

humans have NOT changed just cos of your stupid phones..

even not so bright women knew this guaranteed strategy 40 years ago....