Thursday 15 June 2023

New Morning

 ..but what an evening.

( I told the mermaid of the black swan..'effect' - = impossible to know how one feels after a CHANGE of 'circumstances'... and they told me there was one here a year ago... taken  off to sanctuary - we saw one the day we arrived in the Loonybin ten years ago... from 10 yards away most amazing animal sight of my life..)

Old life. Now I know only this life = tested last evening.

What a conversation at my endow. At last a truth teller... some mothers of three do...

to be an hour.... all one ever really is, in my big notepad... not even at 'dawn' - after thank he angels as i needed to catch up...

eight hours is important....

mojo 110%

even if that a lie - we only ever given 100

 to appease... who knows whom..