Sunday 25 June 2023


should delete.

forgit to putin 

my tooth

( a fab black swan, 18 months, new years eve.. ago cap 40 years nice abd secure

falls out THE first night for 10 years i am off to try and have a nice night out... horror!


my life is over

but in fact the following weeks  and months.... 9

learning not to be ashamed likely thought of as another fightey spice or special brew addict

was truly a wonderful...psychological gift


they are for bridging 

anyway ehh.... to the uninitiated a 12v ac inverter...12v to 240..

they only work with a battery in at least 1/3 charged ok condition

its impossible to find batteries dumped, new ones...

as they have scrap value..

.... prices went up bigbucks two years ago...

( even if i got a free one blackmaiked out of a 'charity' 2 months ago threatening to use my ' free speech'...bigtime)

( i must tell all of that story...soon)

anyway this is not possible

of course the joke us on me

why bother charging a phone, one knows full well several 'friends' so much soul invested in them....

would never even phone and say ' new day' 

what can we DO thats useful


or even sorry for being a fake useless never-friend truth

and like a fool every new day i ... wait

but have fun whilst i


so it isnt that draining of my own battery . 

except knowing tbere are no actual humans left

its the only thing that stops me writing with real energy

no point, no one would care   

or get it

or get the royalties  when shetoo turns out to be fully inauthentic  as all the rest, and i jump off the cliff

but no one will know...

because then

the inauthentic must...not