Saturday 10 June 2023

Poems, 'poet'...

 Someone... Despite three years in fairly constant communication - the only ....other... in my phone; I have no idea whatsoever who he is. That lump of... [censored, for here].

But - there is something way beyond zen or mindfulness, or truth, and certainly beyond knowing anything - the magic of true creativity which comes and jabs you in the eye, when you do not want it, and only  kind of fear may prevail " should i doodle  that; is that too far..?"

And he knows, somehow we were drawn in to the most magnificent word ping-pong, no words can actually sum up.

He knew three years ago - the famously funny man, is only going to word-dominate me the meeker 9on the face of it) and more serious. He knew 100% for certain as a man all his life the centre of attention - the big man in the room, the one they loved for his charm and wit.. I was nothing.

I knew for certain the same. 

Until he started it....three years ago. Weirdo passive aggressive texts - pretending to be someone else. Very insidious stuff. Slightly threatening.

And he knows  that within a year - whats a year between friends, he started laughing... and still does.

I could not do that. 

But i still can...

The greatest slam-poetry match in all the texts - modern and ancient; as he knows. And he is not quite as literary as me. Pure absurdism, surrealism, pure new every day creative spirit. Because both of us tip toed to the edge "how can i push this cu*t off ..?"  - with words, for play because of love. We saw a similar spirit. Only spirit is always beautiful. Always. 

He knows I 'won'; I wished not to even compete. This line now is the most inadequate in all of literature. They are literature. We became literature.

We became truly creative in the best sense of the word: absolutely NO idea where we would take our endless offensive, rude nasty personal jibe, next...But by magic, something just rose up, almost every day...

He has the skill of the perfect two words. By 'return' in the rapid fire pingpong...Two words from god -and timing of the gods; but my slightly longer querelous rejoinders... he knows they are not only bulletproof, but of an imagination (i never knew i had fatso.. : -) 

And we both know, they ALL is... damn damn good. And we both know the poetry of the finest poets of them all...

And we both know, for all our seeming wordy bluster, we are both humble and meek people, whom...need no fine words back..

We both know there is 'pretend' fellowship, and affinity...

And through three years of battling insult and quip... often in extremely intense hour long bursts..

Peace, and love... ...only reign.

And both or poetying... got pretty damn good.