Sunday 11 June 2023

well, against the law


no devices sunday ..ideally never again ..

but i dont know if anyone...someone.....

 with a brain 

a v big one too,

gets this ..they never worked . never.... only actions, taking out the rubbish and fixing the rotten wood...


if you care you do it perfectly..over good


anyway reason for 2 mile hike up hill, to load a mere half a gig.. 

and damb devices i forgot the punch line but never fo

take two

i know what to say..

though of course fluff my lines when matters.. as nothing wlse does

" its not important... " 

famouus last gallows words

and thats not me

much more happy being unseen

see video at top...i do NOT use phones to write pages

espesh when you put vid here and it moves it there

but now and again for the truly important...rules are for busting

or maybe should be

open book

no one elses rules written it it.. 


which is what it should be about

so yes.punch line forgot " never been used still in bag" 

never been used, 400 nearer quid ultra cool  montaineers bag..