Friday 21 July 2023

ahh it has come back

 i have my nuggets of "insight" as bodily flowing through endless little zen-jobs....  fixing, last ever communicating... avoiding rediculous needy tourists as all have become if just because one wears shorts one needs their innane fat slob banter and cakes...always cakes

just by averting gaze them in the way...back and forth to my best plug... one is committing a fascist affront upon them... 

there is your insidious ' fellowahip' of nothing

( ohhh whwn i gave the 14 year old the word of a week ago " vapid...!!!! thats a great starting word for you!    "

mum is so on side

and i trust her laughter and clapping

yes so in a week of...

( gathered yesterday middle aged 42-65 women gossiping and endlessly moaning about their bodies, menopauses wrinkles.... the one who doesnt have them so so stressed out about)

" ok ladies...i put to rest your worries i really did think number 1 wrinkle moaner was 32....  serious...its why i didnt even think of speaking with you.....42 i now bear maybe a bit ( innix) of maturity but even 49 too young for me.....only mature warrior spirit is desirable sexy and ..also keeps you look watch observe my body and my all...guess my age cmon... !"

concensus " 56 " splendid!!! 

i shouldv lied about my astrologicals i never gave anyone!, that no lie...

no one else had ever earned my trust and genuine respect.

Miss Placed as usual.... i guess...

anyway i do KNOW one thing....

in fact it is 'me' 

i trust 100% who i had become at 53.

 now i see

ghe was pretty damn spot on

( events proved.... )

no communitarianism, 2020 proved...i researched

only sour bourgeoisie in the long run

espesh 21 and on

..face to  face..a lot...research...inside groupa and righteoys groups..of liars

... no real actions to really help distressed families...not even pass on my family peace plan that went into lore.... 

total acedia Affluenza and fear...

my thought on remedy even if as a not narcissist i know its truly hard work ...needs a team on side simple project.....Beppe Grillo managed ( near pure green,  universal colourblind humanist, not  rightist as painted...his many superb speaches from mid 10s can still be heard on worked! he and his allies got power in 4 or 5 years from standing start...

i know pretty good stuff.


the key i think. Be

who you are at 53

is what you get 

then the next 7 years are about letting it out...

not just Being  the quiet theoretical version.

in hermitude.

thats hard and gurt me too.

Gradually Be Being it all....

and writung it all too.

Thats to me the 'deal' 

And 7 years on.... so nice... to have been almost 'forced' rspecially last 7 months ..... to out out every word

i already knew at 53

what we know, if a true thinker, by 53 is it


thats the basic 'tool' you get

to now really be useful 'elder' sage or guide whom next

trust it

work WITH that...

and to my horror...its simply a lovely thing to  do....

now and again


plenty of " here next book for you to read...but read it proppwr dont scan.." time down time off...

it is in fact