Friday 21 July 2023

 now, having decided...

Though lunchtime.... the very last person i so so so needed.... to meet

funny thing is there is a hedgehog problem down here: what we do NOT see (deaduns) says so much more than what we do....  

Maximo just yesterday " your Sorrentino...he alone is the cultural man in the whole of Europe especially this sad corner, who tells he truth with his La Grande Belazzan..''We sat here his place ... this party high above the Roman streets ...we call ourselves the great writerly minds... but we are as fuckwit decadent as have ever existed..."

he did not disagree.

"yes Maximo...all a blah blah blah... but those Tom-Pauls down here.... they dont speak our language: human, they would not understand...correct human includes self critique" 

for the English to see
freshly whitewashed.
I know what is behind.

so much continual fixing... ten of these over the decade - £100 a pop - every single  one design fault breaks same place after about 3 months...
just accept...and fix. simple life is cutting it back to he absolute essentials. a small roll of sellotape. Always

The funny looks you get even pretending to be a fancy painter

Now these are just off the spare not good quality (work) phone-camera.
Where there is no audio, either...
and is soon to be decomissioned - no more work...

only one purpose now in life. Fun. Twenty years (i think it is the anniversary today, of not enough fun.... that ends too)

grand finales... from tomorrow.


ends and colours and themes woven together. Lots.
And as i like doing so, it is no longer work.

But to hear the way the Tom-Pauls glittery wife...lied... and then followed me in her 75 grand new Discovery... the gravel crunching under each 500 quid tyre...

was a gift and beautiful grande
in front of her kid.
what a lovely example she set... just like Hilary Lawson the ultimate Tom-Paul 15 years ago lying in front of mine. High in the hills
About the rightful  right, to access...the land.

It is already in the large pad.
But now, i care... due her-14, so it will be done with fullest possible, poise and grace.

The end of the messy phase, loop back and attempting some decent design and production values, ...soon. And finish off half rit bits


and all the rest